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“I have been working with Dr. Calvert and his team since 2014. I first wanted to lose about 30 lbs. After some extensive lab work and discussion with the physician and wellness coach, I started the hCG Diet. I had tremendous success with this, losing 35 pounds! Once I looked better, I wanted to feel better too! I initially started bio identical topical hormones, then switched to BioTE pellets. I have great energy and am able to keep up with the high stresses of my job. I also get compliments on my complexion all the time. A lot happens when you just get your body in balance!”

Pam V

“Dr. Calvert is always focused on the patient. I love how he takes time to listen, ask me questions so he understands and has the information needed before he speaks. I love how careful he is to present new thoughts/ideas as well as this is the first place I don’t have to worry about the medical knowledge is strongly researched before applied. This place is a bonus with Dr. Calvert because is had bed side manners, engagement with patient, and always focused on the patient.”

“Thank goodness for Dr. Calvert! I have been a patient of his since 2013 when I was looking to lose some weight. I have always struggled with weight due to PCOS. Dr. Calvert was very knowledgeable on PCOS and explained a lot about my hormones that I was never told by my regular doctors. Between PCOS and diabetes, losing weight wasn’t going to be an easy feat. Dr. Calvert and his staff were there for me constantly and helped me obtain, and even exceed, my weight loss goals. Dr. Calvert also helped guide me during the time I was looking to get pregnant – advising me on food selection and ensuring me my body was in balance. They were my cheerleaders and among the first I told when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. The overall lifestyle change and knowledge I have gained from Dr. Calvert is unmatched to any other I have met. “


“Dr. Calvert took time to answer all our questions and thoroughly go over all our test results. He was very compassionate to our situation. We are hopeful for a resolution to our daughter’s health issues.”

“Renew Medical Spa is my life saving, game changing place to go to for the all over ‘feel good’! Dr. Calvert, you’ve helped so much with my menopause, weight gain, mood, lack of sleep and energy level. Eight of my twelve pound weight loss goal is GONE! What doctor will sit and actually listen to you for an hour? I love everyone there! I felt welcomed the moment I walked through the front door. Renea, the face magician, is my hero! Go…no RUN to Renew for a better, healthier YOU! So thank you to all the staff and my favorite doctor. Helping a 54 year old get back to feeling and looking 40 again!”

Lee N

“Dr. Calvert is pleasant, answers questions, never rushed, and efficient!”

“Renea is knowledgeable and helpful. She puts the client at ease and is very professional.

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