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Laser Hair removal


Laser hair reduction

Are you tired of shaving? Waxing? Laser Hair is perfect for you!

According to studies, the average woman spends over 10 minutes shaving, and does this 12 times a month. That adds up to over TWO hours spent shaving each month, a full DAY per a year is dedicated to shaving. How about the absurd markup on razors? Women spend over $10,000+ in their lifetime on shaving products.

This doesn’t even account for ingrown hairs and razor burn- which cause much discomfort and possible doctor visits.

Our laser reduces, even eliminates, the need to ever shave again! It is both pain free, and quick! Our aesthetician does an initial consult and will recommend how many sessions it will take and the amount of time to allot for each appointment. Usually she has a client come in once every 6 weeks for anywhere from 5-60 minutes, depending on how much of an area you’re needing to get laser. Packages are sold in sets of 4.

Why can’t the laser eliminate all hair in one session? Your hair grows in phases, so the follicles it picks up at each session isn’t the same. By layering the area several times, we are able to be proactive on each phase so we can get every hair follicle! Hormones and other body changes might effect hair growth, so we can’t say it’ll be TOTAL hair elimination forever- but our client’s are always very happy at the results!

Laser Hair Removal isn’t for just women, ~25% of our clientele are men!

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