Xeomin and Botox

Have stubborn wrinkles that you’re wanting to smooth out while still looking natural? Look no further! We offer both Botox and Xeomin. These injectables, also called neuromodulators, work by stopping the nerve signals that tell your muscles to contract. Through this temporary blocking of muscle contractions, it smoothes and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

Side effects are rare and usually limited to the site of injection. Possible side effects include mild redness, inflammation, headaches, and/or bruising which can last 1-7 days.


How Long Do Botox and Xeomin Last?
The reduction in lines and wrinkles is temporary and on average lasts between 3-4 months.

How Many Units Will I Need?
Botox and Xeomin are measured and priced by units. The amount of units a person is given varies from one individual to another. Generally speaking, the average units per each area is:

  • Between Brows (Glabella) – 8-15 units
  • Forehead (Frontals) – 10-20 units
  • Crows Feet (Orbicularis Oculi) – 8-24 units

Please note that this is an average and varies for each person. We have complimentary consultations to specify amounts needed.

What’s The Price Per Unit?
Exact pricing is available through calling or setting up a consultation! We offer specials for Botox/Xeomin Parties so if you and a group of friends have interest, pick a date and we’re happy to host or come to your location!

Botox vs. Xeomin- What’s The Difference?
There are some subtle differences between the two. Xeomin has just one ingredient: botulinum toxin A, it does not contain any additives so the body is less likely to become resistant to it.

Patients average the same amount between both Xeomin and Botox.
Botox is thought to have a quicker “onset” of 3 days compared to Xeomin at 4 days.

We don’t pick a favorite between the two, though some patients do and we are happy to do whichever you choose! Our physician can advise you when you come in for your initial visit!

I’m Ready For My Injections! What Now?
Call and schedule an appointment with our physician! Before getting a treatment we advise patients:

Fill out your Electronic Medical Record in full so the physician can see all supplements and medications you’re on in case there might be any increased risk of bruising or swelling to be made aware of.

If you’re getting injections for a special event, schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks prior. Results will take 7-14 days to fully appear and temporary bruising and/or swelling will subside within this time.


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