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East Meets West

Listen to Dr. Calvert and acupuncturist Karen Bell talk about how they helped a patient suffering from poor sleep and weight struggles. By combining Eastern and Western medicine philosophies, they were able to help this patient regain her ability to sleep well, lose weight and restore overall balance in her life. Patients battling chronic insomnia can tell you that poor quality sleep leads not only to irritability and exhaustion but can also lead to other significant health problems. Western...

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COVID-19 Update from Renew Medical Spa

To the patients and friends of Renew Medical Spa: At Renew Medical Spa, it is of the utmost importance to keep you informed with facts and help you make informed decisions on how you’re going to keep in your best health during this national pandemic. The best way to avoid becoming infected is to maintain social distance, avoid crowds and frequent hand washing. We are aware you have heard this all plenty of times from media, but we cannot express how important it is to stop the spread of this...

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