Why did I opt to do ProLon? I’m a 31-year-old mother of a very active toddler and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to keep an eye on her for a very long time- thus I want to do whatever for my health now! I did a lot of research reading all the benefits of fasting in general. There’s no way I could sustain a water fast being as active as I am, so I looked to ProLon’s Fasting Mimicking Kit!

I love that everything is already there and written out for you. I had concerns about my energy levels- I don’t sit down much during the day and average walking ~5 miles a day.

I started the program on a Sunday, hoping to have the following weekend a little bit more flexible. Here’s a break down of the days and how I felt!

Day 1:

This is the highest calorie day (~1,100 calories) so it wasn’t bad at all! It felt like a lot for a fast. I wasn’t as aware of how much water to drink- but I advise to start the hydration right away! I made the mistake of not drinking as much water as I should and I think that hurt me a little going into day 2. I cut out any caffeine, although it’s mentioned you CAN have a cup of coffee- it works best if you don’t. If I’m going to do this, I’m going all out- so no coffee it was!

I tried to take pictures of the foods, but they’re just not photogenic. Day 1 you have an L-Bar, some supplements and tea for breakfast. The L-Bar you will have every morning for breakfast and I would have half around 9 and the other half around 10. The two teas throughout are a mint and a lemon mint. (and Hibiscus, but that doesn’t start until day 2)
Lunch and dinner are both always a soup. There’s 5 types of soups: Tomato, Mushroom, Quinoa&Minestrone, Vegetable and Minestrone soup. Day 1 I had tomato soup, kale crackers, olives and supplements. I’m NOT an olive person- but these were actually good! Post-fast, I’m still not an olive person though. I guess my body just knew it didn’t have any choice but to like them. You get a snack of a sweet little crisp treat with some tea- then end the day with a minestrone soup and another L-bar. Sounds like a lot for a fast right? Well, they’re just preparing you for the next 4 days!

Everything in the kit is straight forward with food and how to prepare. The lunches are usually microwavable whereas dinners have to be made on a stove top and take longer.

Here’s a picture of the food from day 1: L-Bar nut-based (2), Teas, Tomato Soup, kale crackers, olives, L-Bar choco-crisp, minestrone soup. The supplements on this day is the Algal Oil (2 packs) and NR-1 (2 packs). 

Day 2:
Calories are cut on day 2! You are introduced to the “L-Drink” and I had some confusion about this at first too! This is to be put in the ProLon bottle provided along with water to drink throughout the day. The amount you put in depends on your weight, and it’s all shown on the bottle how much to pour in. I also filled another water bottle to keep hydration up.

Day 2 was my roughest day. I account it to my body working to get into ketosis- along with cutting out all caffeine. I had a pretty intense headache and I wasn’t aware I could take Tylenol so I didn’t until ~5pm. If I didn’t wait so long, it wouldn’t of been so bad. The Tylenol helped right away! Was I hungry? A tad bit. I spaced out the L-Bar during the morning and kept drinking lots of water. I wanted to push meals as late as possible so I had lunch around 1pm, snack around 5pm and dinner around 7pm. I would be in bed around 9pm every night. Although this was the roughest day overall for me, I slept the best! I’ve gone through getting into ketosis a few times, this was rougher than that for whatever reason (it was also Post Valentine’s so I probably had more sugars to detox out than in times past).

A few times I did think “did I make a mistake doing this?!” then I’d read on all the health benefits and knew I just needed to power through it. This was also a very active day for me- I walked around 7 miles. I knew from here on I need to cut my activity back some.

Here’s a picture from day 2 food: L-Bar nut-based, Teas, mushroom soup, olives (2 packs), minestrone&quinoa soup, L-Bar Choco Crisp, and the L-Drink concentrate. The supplement on this day is the NR-1.

Day 3:
I woke up full of energy! I checked my ketones and they were at a high level. This high energy didn’t sustain throughout the day, but it was a very productive morning. The rest of the days are pretty similar to day 2 food wise. As each day went on, I ate the food just because I knew I needed the energy they provided- not because I was feeling overwhelming hunger. After lunch on day 3, I had the song “Living On A Prayer” playing in my head, thinking “ooooh, I’m halfway thereee!”

I had a slight crash of every around 3pm- I just felt like I was moving in slow motion. I’m use to being on the go and getting my ‘to-do’ lists complete everyday, so I had to give myself some grace knowing my body is working to regenerate in a fasting state. My toddler didn’t get the memo and was still full speed for me to chase around.

I have read of people working out and I don’t get HOW. I also read that doing this a second time is way easier than the first time! I could see myself maybe doing yoga. I did go for stroller walks everyday still! Along with that, I cooked my husband and toddler’s foods without issue. I really wish someone was doing this along with me who I could vent my highs and lows to them during the day- so if you can find someone to do this with, make it happen!

I read some people have a rough day 3, whereas mine was a rough day 2. If you have a rough day 3, it WILL get better!

Here’s a picture of the day 3 foods: L-Bar nut based, teas, tomato soup, kale crackers, minestrone soup and L-drink concentrate. The supplement on this day is the NR-1.

Day 4:
I was very restless on nights 4 and 5 for whatever reason, but this didn’t effect me getting up. I didn’t feel groggy and checked my ketones that were now in medium. I knew my ketones would bounce around seeing as some days were higher carb than others. You are introduced to all the foods on day 1 and 2 so day 3-5 are repeats and nothing new. I was fine with this because I just felt like I was eating to regain a little energy each time.

I found myself looking forward to the olives when I’d see them on the menu, again- I’m not an olive person normally. I drank tons of water, so get ready for lots of pee breaks!

Here’s a picture of day 4 foods: L-Bar Nut-based, teas, vegetable soup, olives (2 packs), minestrone & quinoa soup, L-bar choco crisp, L-Drink concentrate. The supplement on this day is the NR-1.

Day 5:
LAST DAY!! I thought to myself that I could do this fast longer if I had to! I felt good, not amazing, but knowing all that was going on with my body- it was easy to keep to it.

I started planning my “Transition Day” on this day too. Everything is pretty much clockwork, you have it figured out when and how to eat everything- what will work best for you, etc. I was looking forward to being able to have a green smoothie the next morning! I didn’t find myself missing much, mind over matter. Maybe I could be on one of those TV shows that you have to catch your own food- but it’s so hard to that really you just fast the entire time pretty much. THESE are the types of thoughts that go through your head during this FMD.

Here’s a picture of day 5 foods: L-Bar nut-based, teas, Tomato soup, kale crackers, minestrone soup and L-drink concentrate. The supplements on this day are Algal Oil and NR-1.


Day 6:
Transition Day! The hardest part about this day is suddenly things aren’t all prepared for you and you have decisions to make again for food! I kept it basic by having a smoothie for breakfast, lunch I had soup and homemade sweet potato fries and then dinner I had some plain pasta with vegetables. I had a handful of granola at breakfast and that upset my stomach so keep it basic! I wasn’t hungry on this day- but I knew I needed food. Also day 6 was a Friday and my husband was ready to have a meal with me instead of watching me heat up a not so appealing soup.

There’s a lot of information they give you in the kit- plus I read other people’s stories before I started! WHen it comes down to it, you find out what works best for you in the first 36 hours of it all- then you’re on a roll. There’s no way to mess up aside from having something that’s not provided

I could explain what’s going on each day, but they give you that information already! It makes it easier to tell yourself “so now my body is doing this,” which also made withstanding from temptations a lot more feasible.

I was doing this to help with overall longevity in my health, but I thought how I wish I did my labs before and after to see the improvement! I felt good after it was all done, some people note they felt “incredible”- and I wasn’t quite to that point but it wasn’t torture (maybe if you asked me on day 2 I might of joked I loved torturing myself, but that passed!).

I didn’t do this to lose weight, but I did notice bloating had gone away and I was a lot more trim from just those 5 days! I went shopping on day 6 and actually enjoyed trying on clothes.

Is this the easiest thing ever? No. It took determination and drive. I’ve done hCG, juice cleanses, keto and plant-based. For overall weight loss, hCG diet is still the best in my opinion. For all the health benefits in just 5 days, this fasting mimicking diet can’t be beat! It’s evidence based and an all in one kit! I would, and will, do this again.

*My husband later had me add that he thought I was kind of grouchy. Just tell your significant other that you apologize in advanced. It’s in the name of HEALTH! A few days of grouchiness is well worth the overall benefits!*


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